UPDATED April, 2023
In Memory -- CNK Caspian --The grand dad of all Colorado Mountain Dogs, and the foundation stud of the breed. 
Caspian was my personal dog, who guarded my farm. He was my luck dragon, the dog of a lifetime. Here he is with foundation girl, CNK Snow, and the very first Colorado Mountain Dog litter.

Crack O' Noon Boy Pack

WFF Oberon Of CNK

G3, CNK Isaac (a Caspian son) x WFF Willa

Oberon is ginormous, 33 inches at the shoulder at 18 months. People can't believe him. And he is a sweet cuddling, affectionate heartthrob. Everyone is captured by Oberon. :-) Standing at CNK. 

Arathorn of CNK

Arathorn is UUX Dolly (a Caspian daughter) x UUU King Boaz, G2. 
One of the best CDs I've ever had. Completely safe with poultry, loves people, mentors puppies, a great guardian.

CNK Elessar

G4, born Jan 31, 2022, -- 3SF Moses x FLF Apple --  Elessar is just beautiful, inside and out, and the result of years of careful line crossing. He is Caspian line-crossed although it appears way back in his pedigree.  He's a very loving dog, and a diligent guardian.  Elessar melts into your arms.... he is completely endearing.

BSK Atreyu of CNK

Atreyu is a big, tall, G4, clean legs, has a loving, chill temperament, a gorgeous coat, is great with people, poultry, and livestock.  We're excited to see his babies later in 2023!

Crack O' Noon Girl Pack

4AF Paravel of CNK

LRF Pastor x PCF Penny  This is a tall, clean legged Caspian line-crossed beauty. She is a complete sweetheart, and a diligent guardian. (Paravel is offsite, with a family, but we may do one more litter, though we have retained a daughter.)

CNK Cassiopeia

I couldn't be more thrilled about Cassiopeia.  Sired by CNK Wynter, and out of SWF Akela, a Caspian grand daughter, she is such a joy. She is a G3, 30 inches and growing, a faded tan badger with a blue undercoat, she has double dews. She is tall, slender, athletic, affectionate and chill.  She's grown up with goats and loves all my guests. "Peia" has one of the the best builds of any female CMD I've bred. She is 1/8 Boz.

MAR Halo of CNK

MAR Remi x STR Durin..  This tall Caspian line-crossed beauty paired with Elessar for G5, Purebred CMD pups. She is a sweetheart, a classic typy example of a CMD, clean legged, and a great guardian. Halo will be a resident for a long time. <3

Future! CNK Evenstar, G5 Purebred

This girl is a treasure. She is my first G5 purebred puppy born, and she is a slam dunk.  Huge legs, sweet personality, gentle, observant, empathetic, she has the head and frame of a classic CMD.  I am enjoying watching this girl grow up. <3

Future! CNK Paravel

Named after her mother,  CNK Paravel is a G3 out of 4AF Paravel, and sired by our beloved Arathorn. We're raising her with an eye to introducing her one day to G3 Oberon for G4 pups.