CNK - Kiko Goats
For Sale, Western Colorado
Updated March 2023

Our babies are all from long time lines that are extremely hardy.  Our herd is NKR registered and 100% NZ.
Mancos, CO

Kikos for Sale - Updated March 2023

CNK  Transit

Yearling, 100% NZ twin. I am liking Transit. He's looking like he will be a great one. His mom is a Bella daughter by Pazu, who is by GHK Ironside.  He has some more Iron Side on the top back there.  He has a chill personality, likes attention.  I haven't used this yearling because I have his genetics up down and sideways. So he's available. He's by Buckwheat, son of JFF Mighty Jaxx, and out of Buttercup, one of my oldest and best does. -- 850. SOLD

CNK Yosemite Sam, Dorothy x Buckwheat

This is one of two standout buck kids this year, from my favorite pairing, LPR Dorothy x HSA Buckwheat (by Mighty Jax). Both parents are triplets and he is a twin.  Keeping his sis. Born Jan 2. 100% NZ NKR

Available -- 850 SOLD
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CNK Bandit, 2022

CNK Bandit - CNK Bramble x HSA Buckwheat
First Kidding Twin, 100% NZ 
Available -- 750

CNK Dorothy Buckling

CNK buckling,100% NZ, April 1, 2023
LPR Dorothy x HSA Buckwheat
He's a twin, both parents are triplets. Dorothy is one of the best does I have ever had, a career girl. She's a large doe, and the sire of this buckling is also very tall. Buckling $750

2022 Doelings For Sale

Available females

I have several available does and doelings, they are listed on the "Our Kikos" Page.